Why Finding Hair in Your Food Isn’t Gross (and more):

Here’s a weekly recap of a few of my Spoon articles that were published within the past week:

Why You Should Avoid the Buffet, According to Psychology

Inspired by my Intro to Psych class I took this past semester, this explains why buffets are basically a huge danger zone if you’re trying to watch what you eat, from a psychological approach.

9 Foods That’re Better Than the Mediocre Frat Boy Sex You’re Having

A very fun, tongue-in-cheek piece, with many “that’s what she said” jokes.

The Best Toppings to Put on Your French Fries, Ranked

Because we all get tired of plain ketchup.

The Definitive Ranking of Fast Food Restaurants, According to College Students

If you didn’t see number one coming, you don’t know me at all.

Why Finding Hair in Your Food Isn’t Gross

It really isn’t! Inspired by an actual situation that occurred when I was eating food from a local Mexican restaurant in NYC.

Why Eating Local Honey Does Nothing For Your Seasonal Allergies

Contrary to popular belief. Still, seasonal honey tastes so good.

I Tried Dominique Ansel’s Burrata Soft Serve and Here’s What I Thought

To follow-up on one of my recent posts…


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